Special Edition Ticket

Physical Letterpress Ticket

KL Illustration Fair tickets are 100% digital and powered by Peatix.
However, we all know that nothing beats the feel of a physical ticket. Hence KLIF team are printing limited edition letterpress ticket for participant who got the KLIF SPECIAL EDITION ticket.

What do I get

Owners of KLIF SPECIAL EDITION receives:

Two Days Conference Pass

Two Days KLIF Pass

Physical Ticket
(Printed with Letterpress)

On top of that, every KLIF SPECIAL EDITION purchase entitles you to an airdrop of KLIF NFT.

The NFT owner will receive various image assets for your NFT, including a PNG and an SVG file (which is resolution free.)

KLIF SPECIAL EDITION only limits to 200 editions only.

Digital Collectible

Digital Collectible NFTs are much more than just artwork. They are digital ownership contracts that can be programmed in any way we want. KLIF team has been a fan of this technology and are incoporating NFT to the illustration fair.

KLIF NFT is collection of phygical ticket designed by KLIF team and minted as NFTs on the Zetrix blockchain. The first generation of KLIF NFT will be limited to only 200 editions.

How to receive NFT?

KLIF NFT will be minted on Zetrix blockchain via Pangoline marketplace. To receive your NFT, create a Zetrix wallet at https://zetrix.com/wallet/.

Provide your Zetrix wallet address together with proof of ticket sale to KLIF team via this form.