Kuala Lumpur
Fair 2024

KL Illustration Fair 2024 Key Visual

An Odyssey of Boundless Creativity

The design encapsulates the boundless creativity and innovation synonymous with the event itself. Drawing inspiration from the enigmatic allure of space and galaxies, we’ve melded cosmic elements with abstract artistry to create a visual spectacle that is as expansive and infinite as the universe.

Rockets, spaceships, and planets, intricately woven into the design, serve as metaphors for exploration, discovery, and the unearthing of hidden gems within the illustrative arts.

The use of vibrant hues against a contrasting backdrop symbolizes diversity and inclusivity, echoing the fair’s ethos of being a melting pot for varied artistic expressions. Each color ray emanating from the center represents different facets of illustration – be it character IP, artwork showcase or industry workshops – converging to form a stellar experience.

It is a promise to attendees for an exploration through varied terrains of artistic brilliance amidst a galaxy themed ambiance that’s both enigmatic yet welcoming.

Designed by Studio Behind 90