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KLIF 2024 Press Release

KLIF 2024 Shatters Attendance Records with Over 8,500 Visitors and Successful Collaborations

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – May 2024: The Kuala Lumpur Illustration Fair (KLIF) 2024 has once again proven to be a resounding success, breaking its own attendance record with over 8,500 visitors. This year’s fair has been a celebration of creativity, talent, and international collaboration, reinforcing KLIF’s position as a premier event in the global illustration community.

Record-Breaking Attendance and Positive Feedback

KLIF 2024 saw an unprecedented number of attendees, with everyone enjoying the vibrant atmosphere and engaging activities. The event has received numerous positive feedbacks, highlighting the successful connections and collaborations formed during the fair. “Our goal is for the illustration scene in Malaysia to flourish, and it’s exciting to see it happening,” said the organizers.

Diverse and Talented Lineup

This year’s fair featured an incredible lineup of artists from across the globe. Visitors had the opportunity to experience a diverse range of artistic styles and perspectives, with contributions from:


  • 4dibeetle
  • 4threset
  • Alienkinkin
  • Almostasthma
  • Art By Wednesday Gala
  • Artthoukat
  • Atelier Pakawan
  • Babsilog
  • Bao Doodle
  • bedroom.visuals
  • Betty Qui
  • Bichi Mao
  • Bomfha
  • BonLettre x SomethingSeni
  • Book of Kelu
  • Bor Jen
  • Bunny Bee
  • By JUM
  • Cafe and Hof
  • Canlaken
  • Carrot is Wortel
  • Chompunoot Sarakam
  • Cokorda Martin
  • Cosmic Souffle Studios
  • CottonBunn
  • d’peculiar
  • Dasein Academy of Art
  • Deeplii x Kawan.Lab
  • dgodrawing
  • DontLikeThatBro and friends
  • Emo Trash & Etc
  • Emte
  • Eugenosaurus
  • fibiii.art
  • Fishieball Art
  • Florto Studio
  • Funky Soul Club
  • GalaSIY
  • Grimmy Granny
  • Happy Dumpy
  • Happy Ying
  • HeyHey Brody
  • hidden* rainbow (jlynnppg)
  • Hsieying
  • HueisAlya x PinkCotton
  • Humana
  • Inkling Studio
  • Isatisse Studio
  • izach
  • Jack Yin | Jacktus
  • Jeanifer Youngky
  • Jeth Torres
  • Joanne Lew Vriethoff
  • Kamaboko Cafe
  • Kazel Lim
  • ke ai de ke
  • konmma x snappyme
  • KR+JB
  • Kreshna Patrian
  • Lewie Bear
  • Like Lakes
  • Lizzie Mart
  • Lukistulis
  • Luvisa
  • Made By Emi
  • Malu Monsters x Senpao
  • Mantzu
  • May Wai
  • Meilo Bear Studio
  • Messy Desk Studio
  • Messyvoices Studio
  • Mobius Academy
  • Monday Art Club x AMPM
  • MonKiddo
  • Mossery
  • Mubarock
  • MultiFoil
  • Munkao
  • Munsya
  • Myni Mart x Samiyya
  • Nasaya Mafaridik
  • Nelson Lip
  • No Zing Today x Ulfa Studio
  • Nothingwejun
  • Oddity
  • Ohbeatricee
  • OLI
  • Pawteri
  • Peculiar Matter
  • Projek SembangSembang X Bunga dan Bintang
  • Rachelhofs x slow island
  • rikkindergarten
  • sarkodit
  • secondfloorneko
  • Shawn Goh
  • ShinDesign
  • SillyJellie
  • Simbie Yau
  • Six Kilometers 六公里
  • Slightlyfancy
  • Sriste
  • SshownC Illustration
  • STIVE.Asia
  • Studiogerila
  • Sukka
  • Taweechob
  • thatDania
  • The Good Boisss Journey To The Dude-Verse
  • Tiga’s
  • Timi & Pots
  • Tiny Tot 像個小孩
  • Tucko PariPari
  • tuenhua
  • Twinkly Love
  • v4ng0th
  • Vaguely Daydreams
  • Vanessartpuff
  • WC Sin
  • Willwin Yang
  • Wizard Within
  • Wonders of Eqa
  • Wulang Sunu
  • YANG
  • YAY!
  • Yiqing Gan Illustration
  • Zeen Chin


  • Brazil: By JUM
  • Singapore: Canlaken, SADSHRIMPS, Like Lakes, CHAMJAM, Almostasthma, Sriste
  • Philippines: Jeth Torres, dgodrawing, Babsilog
  • Indonesia: IMAGO, Kreshna Patrian, Florto Studio, LIUNIC X RUKMUNAL HAKIM, Emte, Cokorda Martin, Twinkly Love, MOORGOZ, Slightlyfancy, Monday Art Club x AMPM, Wulang Sunu, Nasaya Mafaridik, sarkodit, Carrot is Wortel
  • South Korea: Cafe and Hof
  • Hong Kong: Isatisse Studio
  • Thailand: Taweechob, May Wai, Bomfha, POHVISA, Chompunoot Sarakam, Luvisa, EASE AROUND, Atelier Pakawan, Tucko PariPari, Mubarock
  • China: Funky Soul Club, IAMWSX
  • United Kingdom: Simbie Yau
  • Brunei: Hsieying
  • Taiwan: TROUBLELOOK, tuenhua, Tiny Tot 像個小孩


In addition to the exhibitions, the fair hosted a sold-out conference that drew 120 attendees each day. The conference featured a lineup of distinguished speakers who shared their insights and experiences in the field of illustration.

On Friday 3rd of May, KLIF 2024 hosted a dynamic dialogue session marking the launch of Pixorama, the Kuala Lumpur Augmented Reality Festival. This event brought together representatives from the Kuala Lumpur Illustration Fair, Manila Illustration Fair, Jakarta Illustration & Creative Arts Fair, and the Illustration Arts Festival from Singapore. The conversation focused on collaborative efforts to push the boundaries of illustration through augmented reality, exploring new avenues for creativity and innovation in the illustration community across Southeast Asia.

On 4th of May , attendees heard from ART:TECH, Nest Fern, Jahan Loh, Liunic, André Wee, Akinori Oishi, and Ardneks.

The following day May 5th, Steve Yuan, Liu Enpeng, Zeen Chin, Yang Xueguo, Michael Chuah, Liang Fang, Two People Studio, Duan Lei (Midnight Monkey), He Mu, and Shen Xin took the stage, delivering inspiring talks that captivated the audience.

Successful Collaborations

Our partners from Yunnan Arts University and Artpage also brought over 20+ artists from China for a special showcase, which will continue until the end of June. This extended exhibition allows for even greater engagement and appreciation of the international art scene.

KLIF 2024 was also marked by successful collaborations with industry leaders. MultiFoil sponsored the foiling on our brochures, which received highly positive feedback for its quality and impact.

Additionally, our collaboration with Mossery generated significant excitement around their cover collaboration with brands and achieved impressive sales, showcasing the dynamic synergy within the illustration community.

Demographics and Reach

The event attracted a diverse audience, with the following breakdown:

  • Art lovers: 46.1%
  • Artists/Designers: 26.8%
  • Students: 20.3%
  • Tourists: 4.1%
  • Business owners: 1.7%

Visitors learned about KLIF 2024 through various channels:

  • Social media: 57.1%
  • Word of mouth: 19%
  • Schools: 11.4%
  • Online ads: 3.8%

Looking Ahead

With the overwhelming success of KLIF 2024, the organizers are already looking forward to next year’s event.
We’ve also launched KLIF gallery, @ GMBB – Level 3.
Currently extending showcase from Akinori x Enya.
Operating hours are Tuesday to Sunday from 12 pm to 7 pm, closed every Monday. The next showcaseis scheduled for June 14th to June 30th, 2024.

We aim to continue fostering a vibrant and flourishing illustration scene in Malaysia and beyond.

Media Contact:

KL Illustration Fair was founded by a group of five passionate individuals in 2022, each bringing unique skills and perspectives to the table. The team includes:

  • President: Billie Almashoor, of Creators Project Associates.
  • Vice President: Ng Si Juan, of Creators Project Associates.
  • Creative / Curation: Book of Lai, Studio Behind 90
  • Business Development: Jang, Inch Lab
  • Advisor: Abdul Shakir, of Filamen.

Who are the organisers?

Read their story here

Email: klillustrationfair@gmail.com