Artist Application

KLIF strikes maintains an illustration fair of the highest reputation and quality, one which is a credit to our community, to our business partners, and to all participating artists. The fair brings us together for a celebration of the arts. In order to generate a creative atmosphere, we ask you to demonstrate your craft. KLIF is produced entirely by volunteers. All entry fees and commissions are used to pay for the prizes, materials, free entertainment, and expenses for the illustration fair.

Who should apply

Exhibitors / Vendors

We are looking for illustrators, artist and graphic enthusiast to exhibit and sell their work to an audience of art buyers, creative agencies, gallery owners, art lovers and everyone in-between. KLIF offer a 200 sqft exhibition room with a table space alongside two regular chairs.

3 Days Rental for RM400 will include: 

  • Allocated mini-gallery room
  • 1 Table
  • 2 Chairs

Applicants can choose to come and exhibit as an

1) Individual; or as a

2) Collective -(4 artists max) to apply for a (1) single booth of your choice.

Speakers / Craft Practitioners

We are also looking for workshop practitioners, mural and installation artists to help fill the spaces we have available. Please, view further down this page to find out more and to view some of the spaces we have available.

Mini Gallery Space Options

KLIF offers a mini exhibition space for RM400 for 3 days rental.

Sample photo of the room space.

Sample photo of the art space.

Subject to KLIF’ ‘s team curation, the available art space sizes are:

Type A ( 200 sqft )Type B ( 270 sqft )

All at space type includes 1 table, 2 chairs

How to Apply

If you are looking to take part in The Kuala Lumpur Illustration Fair you will need to supply us with the following information via the application form:

  • Your name, website, Instagram handle email and contact phone number.
  • 3 images of your work detailing titles, price, size and medium.
  • No more than 100 words on your artwork and your artistic practice.
  • No more than 100 words on your plans for the illustration fair, including any live or participatory elements you are planning for the event.

Application closed. Deadline was 05 February 2023.

These applications will be judged by a judging panel of industry professionals – so please design them to reflect your style and to clearly state your intentions for the fair. If you have a picture of an event you’ve been involved with in the past please add this to your application as this will help us see how your work will fit into the fair.

Make A Good Space

Shortlisted artists will be responsible for the curation of their own booths. Artist’s name(s) and must be prominently displayed on the booth. Hands-on activity are encouraged (but not compulsory) throughout the event by encouraging public engagement such as creative workshops, live drawing, live printing, etc.

Exhibitors will not be able to paint / drill their walls unless arranged with us prior to the event, and to return the space as it is by the end of the event.

Goodie Bag

As KLIF will be giving away goodie bags to all participants – artists are welcomed to include your product/gift among the goodies, ie: Small Stickers, Postcards, Poster, Brochures etc.

Artist’s goodie should accommodate to at least 1000 participants.


When is the application deadline?

5th of February 2023

When is KLIF 2023 held?

It is held for 3 (three) days; 5th – 7th May 2023 at GMBB, Kuala Lumpur.

Are we allowed to sell stuff at the event?

Yes! Each artist is encouraged to sell prints, merchandise or brand-related craft work at the event. However, instead of looking at it as an art bazaar – KLIF aims to cater to potential clients and new audiences. As long as your art space represent your identity well, selling merchandise/art crafts is definitely allowed.

Will KLIF be collecting any commissions from our sales?

All income earned 100% goes to the artist.

What kind of room size should I choose?

If you’re applying for yourself, it is advised to choose the smaller room.

If you’re applying as a group (labelled “collective”), you can either choose a small/big room depending on your preference. The room selection is just for KLIF team to look at the artist’s room preference and curate the show accordingly. If you are not sure which size to choose, get in touch with us via email (info@klillustrationfair.my) or DM us on our social media, and our friendly teamates will advise one that bests suit you.

Do you have a sample photo of the art space?

Sample photo of the room space.

Sample photo of the art space.

What does it mean by collective?

It means that if you wish to share your booth with other artists, the group will be labelled as “Collective,”

How many artists are allowed for a group show/Collective?

Maximum of 4 artists per booth.

How many times do I need to submit if we are running a group show/collective?

You only need to submit the form once, and include all of the artist profiles in a separate presentation deck via an external link.

What is the presentation deck field for?

The presentation deck field seen in the application form is for artists to present their vision of exhibition to KLIF team, ie: showcasing an installation, wall mural, and so on. Just putting together a mood board is good for us. You can submit in pdf, google deck or any form of presentation deck format.

Must we all have activities during the show?

No, activities are just KLIF’s suggestion for audience engagement. It’s perfectly fine without any activities. Your curated art showcase is already impressive enough!

How will I know if I am shortlisted?

An official announcement via email and KLIF digital platforms (website and social media) will be made shortly after deadline closing of submissions.

Are we allowed to showcase/sell fan art?

All showcased art must be original artwork – unless commissioned or authorized by the copyright holder.