Kuala Lumpur
Fair 2024

Chen Linding | Speakers

Chen Linding

Digital Media Arts Professor at the School of Design, Yunnan Arts University, China.

Member of the China Film Art Association, China University Film and Television Association, Yunnan Artists Association, and the CIID Yunnan Professional Committee of the Architectural Society of China

Collaborative Brand: Moore Thread Intelligent Technology.

Since entering the profession, I have been dedicated to the creation, research, and teaching of animation, digital media art, and image art. Faithful to the expression of ideas, I choose appropriate artistic techniques to convey personal concepts at different times. My personal works have been awarded and exhibited at various art activities multiple times.

Recent Artistic Activities:

Digital art works participated in the “Colorful Coexistence” global art and design competition based on biodiversity, the Incheon International Design Week in Korea, a special exhibition at the Moore Thread launch event in Zhongguancun, Beijing, the animation release at the Moore Thread global launch event, the “Colorful South Cloud – China and Southeast Asia Digital Art Exhibition”, and the “Visible Cloud Above Digital Art World” sharing session at the Modern Sky 500 Miles Music Festival SUN STAGE.