Kuala Lumpur
Fair 2024

Duan Lei / Midnight Monkey (CN)

Digital ink painting artist, Illustrator, Novelist

Duan Lei is a digital ink painting artist, illustrator, and novelist. He serves as a senior researcher and standing committee member of the China Cinema Art Association CCAC China CG Art Committee, vice director of the Digital Media and Animation Art Committee of the Yunnan Artists Association, a member of the Animation and Digital Media Professional Teaching Guidance Committee for Higher Education Institutions in Yunnan Province (Yunnan Provincial Department of Education), and a member of the Yunnan Writers Association.

Duan Lei possesses boundless imagination and has created numerous fantasy adventure stories, crafting many characters with distinctive personalities. He has authored graphic novels and picture books such as “To the Faraway,” “Twilight Spring Trees,” “Cat City Chronicles,” “Qiang Mu,” “The Shadow Chaser,” “Brocade Cat Guard,” and others.

Duan Lei has participated in several renowned exhibitions, such as the “China’s Top 100 Illustrators” joint exhibition in 2013, the “Beijing International CG Art Biennale” in 2019, and the “Like a Mountain” art joint exhibition in 2021. In February 2023, invited by GGAC, he created the opening for the Xinhua News Agency art project “Imagination Planet: Spring in China” as a digital art scroll. Between June and July 2023, he released two ink painting series collections, “Creation of the Oriental Gods” and ” Soul of Warriors ” which received widespread acclaim. These were exhibited in September at the Yunnan Provincial Museum and the Yunnan Arts University co-hosted China and Southeast Asia Digital Art Exhibition, and in October, he held the “Prelude to Dreams: The Great Wind Song” Duan Lei Ink Painting Environment solo exhibition at the Wuzhen Wai Wutu Book Fragrance Residence Hotel. Together with the national style restoration expert Chao Ge, Duan Lei introduced a novel experience of integrating ink elements with a high-end hotel, pioneering a new model for exhibitions. He was invited to deliver a lecture on the theme of Chinese mythology at the International College of Central Academy of Fine Arts. In 2024, he will continue the ” Creation of the Oriental Gods ” series and start creating a sketch collection titled “Journey to the West.”