Kuala Lumpur
Fair 2024

Shen Xin (CN)

Chinese Ink Painting Artist

Shen Xin, a Chinese ink painting artist, is renowned for his profound understanding and innovation in Chinese traditional culture and art. Throughout his diverse career, Shen Xin has made his mark in the fields of animation and game development, eventually evolving into a highly influential artist focused on exploring and disseminating the ancient civilization of the East through ink art.

In his early years, Shen Xin accumulated a decade of rich experience in the gaming industry, participating in the production of several internationally recognized games, including “DOTA2,” “My Own Swordsman,” “Zhu Xian,” “Red Cliff,” “Fantasy Land,” and “Swordsman Love,” among others. These experiences in producing international works laid a diverse foundation for his later artistic creations.

In 2018, Shen Xin established Zhu Mo Culture, marking a new phase in his career. Through Zhu Mo Culture, he began to concentrate on the research and innovation of Chinese traditional culture and art, especially through the traditional art form of ink painting, offering modern visual interpretations and innovative expressions of Chinese classical literary works such as “The Classic of Mountains and Seas,” “The Investiture of the Gods,” and “Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio.” The “Classic of Mountains and Seas” ink painting series, which took five years to publish, has achieved sales of over 100,000 copies, receiving widespread recognition and praise, and Shen Xin was invited to deliver a lecture on the theme of Chinese mythology at the International College of Central Academy of Fine Arts.

From game animation to ink art, every step Shen Xin has taken reflects his exploration of the deep excavation of Chinese traditional culture and its modern, diverse expression. It showcases his passion and dedication to art, as well as his relentless pursuit of the inheritance and innovation of traditional culture.