Ardneks (IND)

Illustrator Ardneks is an Indonesian illustrator that hallmarks music while at the same time peels on the playful combination of cross-culture references, psychedelic colors, intergalactic deities, and dreamy tropicália. He started his graphics studio Paraiso Grafica in 2013 and has since focused working on music-related projects. From record jackets to gig posters and music festivals, he has worked […]

Akinori Oishi (JP)

Illustrator, Character artist, Multimedia artist Akinori Oishi was born in Japan 1972, a self-declared “Drawaholic,” who draws huge patterns with his signature AKI SMILE characters every day. “I just want to share my happiness by drawing smiling characters.” He’s an internationally acclaimed and multiple awards winning character artist. His credits include winning the New Talent […]

André Wee (SG)

Illustrator, Creative Director, VR+AR+3D Artist André Wee (b.1989) is an experimental illustrator that jumps between both the virtual and physical world when he creates his craft. The works that he creates blend Technology with Art as André discovers newer ways of engaging with his viewers with creative storytelling and imagery. Aside from putting pencil to […]

Martcellia Liunic (IND)

Illustrator Martcellia Liunic’s works are known for their bold colors and characters. She describes her art as the “right combination of cute and trippy.” Liunic runs her own art label called Liunic on Things and uses her creative practice to portray her emotions and tell stories. She is based in Jakarta, and her works often […]

Jahan Loh (SG)

Artist Jahan Loh is a Singaporean contemporary artist known for his distinctive fusion of street art, pop culture and Eastern iconography. With a career spanning over two decades, Loh has established himself as a leading figure in the Asian art scene, captivating audiences all over the continent with his dynamic and thought-provoking works. As the […]

Nest Fern (MY)

Graphic designer, Illustrator, Studio Owner Hello, I am Syia, a graphic designer and illustrator with passion for creating a design that make a lasting impact. With 10 years of experience, i can master ever changing style, strive to create design that are not only visually appealing but also communicate a message effectively. My specialties include […]


Artist, Drummer, Video Director, Creative Director, Motion Graphic Designer “Inspired by the past, creating for the future” ART:TECH is a self-taught artist, drummer, video director, creative director, and motion graphic designer who have been active in the local art & music scene since 2003. Wearing many creative hats at once, he have been recognized & […]