Shen Xin (CN)

Chinese Ink Painting Artist Shen Xin, a Chinese ink painting artist, is renowned for his profound understanding and innovation in Chinese traditional culture and art. Throughout his diverse career, Shen Xin has made his mark in the fields of animation and game development, eventually evolving into a highly influential artist focused on exploring and disseminating […]

He Mu (CN)

Digital Artist, Trend Designer Member of the Digital Art Committee of the China Film Art Direction AcademyMember of the Digital Media and Animation Art Committee of the Yunnan Artists Association Committed to creation, research, and commercial collaboration in digital painting, trend visual design, Chinese traditional culture, and contemporary art. Collaborative artist with institutions and brands […]

Duan Lei / Midnight Monkey (CN)

Digital ink painting artist, Illustrator, Novelist Duan Lei is a digital ink painting artist, illustrator, and novelist. He serves as a senior researcher and standing committee member of the China Cinema Art Association CCAC China CG Art Committee, vice director of the Digital Media and Animation Art Committee of the Yunnan Artists Association, a member […]

Two People Studio (MY)

2D & 3D Animation Studio A creative animation studio specialized in 2D & 3D animation based out of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Founded by two imaginative fellas back in 2014, Two People Studio animates stories, bringing them to life and to all the screens around you. They provide 2D & 3D animation and video production-related services […]

Liang Fang (CN)

Associate Professor & Advisor, Digital Media Department, School of Design, Yunnan Arts University Liang Fang, a female artist and educator based in Kunming, Yunnan, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication from Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts and a Master’s degree in Digital Interaction from Shanghai University. She is currently an Associate Professor at Yunnan […]

Michael Chuah (MY)

Character designer, Comic book artist Michael Chuah (a.k.a. C2V) plays his role as a character designer and comic book artist. His comic serials “Gengkey” is the first comic in Malaysia to create a vinyl figure. Currently he focused on his designer toy making, his toy creations are Mr.Pao & Pan (Office Survival), Teddybee and Ruff […]

Yang Xueguo (CN)

CG artist, Curator Associate Professor and Master’s Supervisor at the School of Design, Yunnan Arts University, ChinaDirector of the China Film Art Society and Executive Deputy Director of the CG Art Committee Collaborating artists with brands and institutions such as HUAWEI, Tencent, NVIDIA, Xiaomi, Wacom, OPPO, Asus, Acer, Gigabyte, HP, BenQ, Rainbow, ArtPage, Fiji Post, […]

Zeen Chin (MY)

Illustrator, Concept artist ZeenChin, working as a freelance illustrator and concept artist, has collaborated on numerous well-known game, animation, and `film projects, including “League of Legends,” “Kingdom Death,” “Chronos Gate,” “Legend of the Cryptids,” “Galaxy Saga,” “Green Snake,” and others. He has been invited to keynote speaker around the world, including at the Croatian IFCC […]

Liu Enpeng (CN)

Ph.D., Associate Professor, New Media, Visual, Interactive Artist Director of the Digital Media Art Department of Yunnan Arts University Committed to the research and exploration of animation design and digital media art. Drawing upon the concept of black holes, Liu Enpeng explores and challenges traditional perceptions of time. In this work, every action and decision […]

Steve Yuan (CN)

Experienced digital artist broker, Curator, Publisher, Storyteller, Animation movie producer Founder & CEO of global digital graphic art platform ArtPageExecutive Vice Director of the Digital Art Committee of the China Film Art Direction Academy Visiting Professor at Yunnan Arts UniversityFounder of The Infinite Creator World Con Since 2006, Mr. Steve and Mr. Ding have co-founded leewiART, the earliest […]